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Advising companies on development of prospective clients and realising sales potential
Companies often lack a systematic approach to client acquisition - the first step to developing your real sales potential. Sales executives, particularly those from a complex multi-sales environment, find getting the first sales appointment much harder than actually closing the deal.  
Alexander Held's business model seeks to tap this acquisition potential by following a tried and tested approach. With an academic foundation, the approach is strategic providing you with tangible research on your sales potential and yet remains focused on delivering results in the field as well.
Our client acquisition programmes offer a combination of strategic consulting and operational realisation and are tailored to provide best fit with your business model.  During the first stage, we analyse your existing sales profile and then define and identify your potential sales ability.  The next stage sets out the approach to win prospective client meetings, including specific requirements, and documents the agreed process.  This individually tailored programme then becomes the foundation for our operational deliverables.

In summary, we aim to provide:

  • a significant increase in our client's sales cycle through implementation of an efficient process.
  • a time reduction between first potential client contact and actual sale.
  • strategic client acquisition through a measurable operational business process.     



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